Saturday, August 20, 2011

shabby garden shed...

this is linked to funky junk's sns #95!

when my son out grew  his wooden fort, we tried to think of a way to recycle some of it.  we used the rugged flooring for the base foundation of this shed.  over time, i had  collected  leaded glass windows, corbles, and an old ornate door and glass knob. 

 i asked my husband to make a garden shed with the bits and pieces.  and this is what he came up with.  (it measures 4' x 6'.)    here it is in progress.

 and almost done.

and finished.

here's a pic of the window and window box.

next spring, we are building a bigger garden shed here, at our new home.  should be fun!


  1. Wow! It's looking really good! I'm visiting from Funky Junk. Hope you stop by and visit my blog too!


  2. Absolutely adorable!! We are working on our own shabby shed. Posting details at in the coming weeks.

  3. Wow, that is very pretty and so cool that hubby made it with bits and pieces. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.

  4. How beautiful, wish my hubby would make me one just like it and I would use it as an escape to have tea, read, dream away the day!

  5. That's so cute I almost can't see straight.

    I LOVE this- and would kill to have a garden shed like that!

    Your hubby needs a big hug.

    GREAT design, ma'am!!

  6. Oh, I just love it! I've requested that my hubby make me a garden shed... I have to show him this. I'm visiting via Cozy Little House. You have such a lovely blog!

  7. Those wooden sheds inspires me.It am looking forward for spring!

  8. The are small but garden sheds beauty never fails to amaze me.

  9. The are small but the garden sheds beauty never fails to amaze me.

  10. What a dreamy sweet shed. Love the shingles on the upper part, and the corbels and the door are to drool for. SO adorable.