Saturday, November 12, 2011

my new tree…

I’m sharing this with funky junk’s saturday nite #107 and friday frolic and keeping the christmas alive, 365!
my new christmas tree is up and I needed all new ornaments this year, so I thought I’d show what I have so far.  the tree came from big lots--$70 and I found the cement urn at lowes-$20.  my husband built a wooden tree stand to fit the urn.  there’s an old lace table cloth wrapped around the base of the tree.


I sat down one day, and made several fabric roses to add to different ornaments.
this started as an unfinished wood snowflake.  it got a coat of cream paint, and was stamped with a text stamp.  I globbed on some white paint, and while still wet, sprinkled glitter on it.  then, I inked the edges with brown ink and added a fabric rose it to the center of it.


meijer had these angel wings for $1.50, and I just added the roses and/or buttons to them.



when I was out junking, I found 12 of these tins, and lined them with sheet music and added a rose.


I painted some birdhouses white, and added different clock faces to some of them.

numbers and old hardware to others.

and several hoops were painted white and old lace was stretched over them.  I finished them off with some ribbon and charms.


I dried some of my roses and added them to some small pic frames.  I cut a 1/2 yard of burlap into 2 1/2” strips to make a simple garland, .which you can spot in this pic.


I have lots of bits and pieces of lace, so, I filled several glass bulbs with them and added a charm.


I really like how this is shaping up—that’s all for today, –thanks for looking:)


  1. Wow! You've been BUSY!! =D I love love love, did I mention love your tree!! The clock faces on the birdhouses are simply gorgeous. Well, *everything* is simply gorgeous!!

  2. Oh MY Goodness! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm getting so excited to climb into the attic and revisit all my Christmas Treasures!!!! Thanks for the sweet note about my Kitchen Cart. It totally makes me smile (I'm sure similar to how you greet your tree each morning)!!! I am excited to explore your blog more!!! I'm your newest follower and would LOVE to have you visit and follow me sometimes soon, too!!!

    Aimee @

  3. This is lovely! My oldest daughter just bought the same tree tonight at Big Lots..what a great deal! I am going to forward this to her.

  4. The tree looks amazing and so do all your beautiful ornaments. :)

  5. Lots of great ideas on your beautiful tree. Wow! This looks gorgeous.

  6. Hi Lynn,
    These are all wonderful! I especially like the snowflake! Well, the bird houses are great, too! OK, they're all wonderful. Love the mix of whites and textures. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Lynn, your tree is nothing short of SPECTACULAR! I love all your creative ideas for ornaments, and the overall look. Genius.

  8. Beautiful tree!!!

    thanks for visit to my place.

    barbara jean

  9. I am loving these decorations, so very inspiring.
    I have linked back to your blog from mine as I'm doing a bit on christmas decorations.
    Love it!


  10. Stop! You are making me feel like a slacker!! Your tree looks fabulous! I love the angel wings!


  11. This is such a cool tree. Unique!
    I bought some little birdhouses myself last night and wanted to paint them light blue.
    Love what you did with it!

  12. Chop off my legs and call me Shorty! Dang, girl - you rocked this one!

  13. this is STUNNING! and so creative. I love that you made the ornaments or altered them, well done!

  14. Your tree is breath taking! Beautiful!


  15. OMG!!! I love your ornaments with the rosettes added to them!! What a great touch!!!

  16. I'm loving these decorations and have featured your blog over at

    Thanks for hosting a great blog

  17. Hmmmmmm, it's already February and I'm just seeing your wonderful blog and pictures of your beautiful Christmas tree. Every detail is so inspiring. I'm wondering - did you "flock" the tree yourself or buy it that way? If you did it yourself, can you share what product you used? The final results of everything you created to make this tree so beautiful would never indicate that this tree was bought at Big Lots!

  18. hi leila,
    thanks so much for your sweet comments:) the tree came flocked and it doesn't flake off! i'm so impressed with the flocking. i've tried the spray flocking stuff on garland--really messy, never sets up, it stays wet, and brushes off on everything. hope that helps:)


  19. Hi Lynn-
    Thanks for your reply. Yes, that does indeed help me since I will be in the market for a new tree next year and I'm glad to know ahead of time to just look for a tree that's already "professionally" flocked rather than to try and do it myself - like I did last year to a "real" tree! It ended up looking like I had sprayed the tree with a watery white paint which was okay when it was completely decorated - but when I first did it, I thought, "WHAT have I done to a piece of nature?"! I live in Florida so having a flocked tree reminds me of growing up in Vermont. Thanks for your beautiful blog! Happy almost Valentine's Day. Now I'll have to go check your blog for new inspiration for that holiday as well!

  20. Your tree is so pretty. I the burlap rosettes. I saw that tree at Big Lots. is it still $60 ?

  21. Hi there, I love your Christmas tree. I always find it very interesting seeing the different ways people decorate their trees and sharing different Christmas tree ideas . There is just no right or wrong way is there. Thanks so much for sharing and Happy New Year.