Tuesday, February 14, 2012

my garden junk…

here are some of my garden pics...

bed of roses

wisteria arbor and bistro set

garden bike

stained glass on deck

old wooden bench, bird cage stand, picket railing on deck

porch post and ladder

garden view from house

garden mirror on chippy barn door

garden bench-derek built

garden bench, planter, roses, catmint, angel

this beautiful tree died after this winter

cottage-derek built

lacey potting bench-derek built

garden fireplace mantle-derek built--(this is in the house now)

slipcovered chairs, old chippy table

played with pse actions on this picture

victorian shed-derek built

french bistro set

birdbath wire cloche

old plates hanging in garden

new window, patio door and deck-derek built


watercan cloche and shutters


  1. I hear you girl. I am dying to get my fingers dirty with something other than glue and paint. I want some garden soil under these nails. I want to see pretty flowers blooming. I want to hear the buzz of bees and feel the wet grass right after the sprinklers go off. Ahh soon it will be here.

  2. OMG your house is just as gorgeous on the outside as the inside!! Snow...Yuk!


  3. I am so with you--yearning for fresh cut flowers in the house and beautiful flowers to look out at!

  4. Your pictures a real teaser for spring!
    Mary Alice

  5. You have such a good eye for the art of placement both indoors and out! I'm looking forward to your yard and garden ideas. Spring will be here.....eventually.

  6. Your yard is gorgeous, Lynn!!! LOVE ALL the fabulous little touches!!! Too many to mention! (= I am also looking forward to spring!!! Go away snow!!! (=

  7. It is really your garden junk? It is beautiful junk then. Happy Valentines Day. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  8. It snowed here today too, loved seeing your garden. I miss gardening and greenery during the winter. Thanks for sharing, Laura

  9. Are those pictures all of your garden ? Wow, it's just so gorgeous, like the inside of your house. That's another huge project I have to tackle here - I think I will turn to yours for inspiration when I am ready !

  10. This all sure torques up my spring fever! Beautiful!

  11. I am having an enjoyable visit. Love seeing all your garden pictures and treasures...amazing what a beautiful collection you have of wonderful garden spots. I love to garden and I love your presentation. I am now a follower of your blog and look forward to return visits. I invite you to join me as well on my blog at
    Hugs, Gayle.

  12. LOVE all of your garden stuff! I'm dying for Spring too!

  13. WOW! These are beautiful pictures. I sure did miss gardening in the midwest. It is just not the same in the south. :)

  14. I just popped over today from Common Ground. Your garden is just delightful!

  15. Your garden is lovely! I just started gardening last year and I don't think I have a green thumb but your garden is an inspiration for years to come... ;)

  16. Lynn, EVERYTHING about your home looks just right - inside and out. LOVE the way you incorporate the charming junk.

  17. OMG Are all those pics from your garden I'm in love with it all, great job! I know this is a older post-but I just found your blog, I'm your newest follower I love your home inside and out xo Elle @sweetpeaschicnshabbies.blogspot. com

  18. LOVE your cottage and everything in your garden. so beautiful!
    be blessed

  19. Such a beautiful yard. I could live in your darling shed. Great garden ideas and inspiring photos.