Thursday, April 26, 2012

gate flower box…

I’m still working on my garden, and had this gate sitting in my garage, just waiting to be turned into a flower box.  my husband built the box and attached it to the gate—its huge 42” wide!


I spray painted the gate white and added the flowers. but, thought it needed something on the gate.


so, I went back to the garage and found an old piece wood.  with my silhouette (a cutting machine), I cut a vinyl stencil out, using the font-LD red hatter’s hand. the words were stenciled and I hand painted the rose, and added the sign to the gate.


this was inspired by this sweet pin:)


that’s it for now—thanks for looking:)

Monday, April 23, 2012

what to do with a chippy old door…

before I talk about the door, I have to share this watermark idea.  (I’m probably the only one who didn’t know this), but, I use windows live writer for my posts, and it has a fast, easy way to add a watermark to your pictures --automatically.  I learned this on this between naps on the porch post.  I love this, because the watermark doesn’t mess up my original pic, and I don’t need to take time to add the watermark.
don’t you think it makes a great corner accent?  just cut an old door down the middle and add hinges.
then, my husband made 2-(18” tall, 10” wide) pine pedestals, which I painted white, of course:)   each pedestal cost just $7.50! 
to make 2, you’ll need:
  1-8” x 6 pine board   
1-10” x 6’ pine board 
        1-12” x 6’ board         
(1)-for one pedestal-- cut the boards as shown below.
(2)-glue and nail the 8” and 10” boards together—this makes the basic box.  (3)-nail and glue the top and bottoms on to each end of box.  any questions, just ask!
I’ll move these outside, to a corner of my deck.  the second pedestal will be a new home for my cement angel.
thanks for looking!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

vintage, shabby, white…

this is the first of several projects for my tiny screened porch—I’ll show the rest as I finish them.  when I found this sweet little $12.00 chair, it was stained brown with a orange faux leather cushion…(forgot to take a b4 pic), but, here’s the after.
its new fabric cover is an old waverly chintz fabric that I’ve had forever.  it’s going to be beautiful here, today, so, I’m off to my garden!
thanks for looking:)

Monday, April 2, 2012

shabby garden fireplace mantel…

sunday, my husband found time to make a fireplace mantel for my garden.   I have a large vine (chocolate vine) growing on the fence and tucked the mantel into it.  I love how it turned out, and cannot wait for the roses (next to it) to start blooming.


the oval mirror was found at a local antique store and I dry brushed some white paint on it.



this mantel went together in just an hour.  he used 5 cedar boards-($33) and two porch posts-($30) to make it.  I’ve had the applique for awhile and don’t remember what it cost.


the chair started out tike this.


      more white paint and a cute rose applique and it looks like this now.    the ruffled seat cover,  I made  from a pink sheet.


I added the enamel number to the tin and added the tulips.


here’s a close up of the applique  on the chair.  you can find it here.
if you are still reading, thank you:)