Monday, April 23, 2012

what to do with a chippy old door…

before I talk about the door, I have to share this watermark idea.  (I’m probably the only one who didn’t know this), but, I use windows live writer for my posts, and it has a fast, easy way to add a watermark to your pictures --automatically.  I learned this on this between naps on the porch post.  I love this, because the watermark doesn’t mess up my original pic, and I don’t need to take time to add the watermark.
don’t you think it makes a great corner accent?  just cut an old door down the middle and add hinges.
then, my husband made 2-(18” tall, 10” wide) pine pedestals, which I painted white, of course:)   each pedestal cost just $7.50! 
to make 2, you’ll need:
  1-8” x 6 pine board   
1-10” x 6’ pine board 
        1-12” x 6’ board         
(1)-for one pedestal-- cut the boards as shown below.
(2)-glue and nail the 8” and 10” boards together—this makes the basic box.  (3)-nail and glue the top and bottoms on to each end of box.  any questions, just ask!
I’ll move these outside, to a corner of my deck.  the second pedestal will be a new home for my cement angel.
thanks for looking!


  1. Beautiful, Lynn! The wreath embellishment is going to look so classic!

  2. Love that chippy old door.What a great backdrop for your pedestal.Nice to have a husband that is so handy.Can't wait to see the finishing touches.Your statue will look so pretty on it too.

  3. Your door is beautiful! I LOVE old doors and probably have way too many in my house. I think they add such character.

    Love the pedestal your husband built. So very nice...

  4. Very clever to cut the door in half, looks fabulous and your DH made a beautiful stand too!

  5. Lynn-What a great old door. I absolutely love it. I love old doors used in any type of setting- xo Diana

  6. Love that door! I actually have one that I'm about to cut in half, but I'm doing something a little different - I'll take pics when I'm done - but don't hold your breath - my project list is pretty long... :)

  7. Love that door (and what you did with it) Lynn!!!! Thanks for the info on adding watermarks to pics..will be checking that out! Have a great week!

  8. That looks great--you are so creative! Lucky you have a husband willing to do projects--my husband is always really good about that too. :)

  9. I had an angel just like that, but someone stole it off our porch =(

  10. Obviously, you weren't the last to know about the watermark thingy. There's always me trailing along behind everybody else. :@

    Your door is wonderful! I would love to go on a garden tour of your yard just to see all your creations. The pedestals will (I'm sure) be lovely in your yard.

    Off to see if I can do the watermark thing.

  11. Love that alligator paint on the door, and your pedestals are great! They really make a statement of an art piece, a plant or whatever you put on them! I've been collecting old doors for a friend, and now I want one for myself so I can do this to it!

  12. *sigh*
    You make the most beautiful things. Your home must be just magical, Lynn!

  13. Thanks for the tip on the watermark, I need to check out Windows live writer again! Love the door and the pedastal, $7.50 is an amazing price!

  14. You are sincerely one of my favorite blogs, I always know you will have something fabulous when i visit. I am book marking this pedestal, the work is all in the measurements and you did that!! Do you have a new blog header? I love it, I am so going to work on my blog after the Fancy flea (Or get someone to do it) did you do it yourself? What widget did you use to get your last posts across the top below your header...I love it!


    1. thanks so much, carol!

      i do have a new header, and i did it myself.

      the triple frame around my pics is a free digi frame. just “like” florabella on their fb page, and it’s a free download and it has 3 different frames you can use.

      the widget for the recent posts can be downloaded here.

      you can email me at if you need more info:)

      have a great show this week,

  15. Love this chippy door and what you and hubby did. Perfect!


  16. The door is gorg, love what you did here!

  17. Wow! This is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!

  18. Now this is thinking out of the box! Love it!

  19. Wow. That chippy door is insanely gorgeous. LOVE the pedestal your hubbie made--you both are just so talented!! =D

  20. Love the doors. What a great idea cutting them in half. The distressed look and color is perfect... Hope you share on Simple & Sweet Fridays.
    So creative. Thanks for leaving a comment on Rooted in Thyme.


  21. Your door is FABULOUS. I LOVE, Love, Love it!!
    Mary Alice

  22. Thanks for sharing this creative post on Simple & Sweet Fridays! Love the doors...


  23. Lynn

    That door is fantstic! Love the star cutouts..I have tons shutters, including door shutters and I can see me doing something similiar. You are such an inspiration to me. I probably will have hubby cut hearts out in mine though.

    Kindredly, Lynnie

  24. I also did this with two chippy old doors and added a faux metal piece down the center. I love them! My do you clean these old pieces without knocking off the chipped which I want to keep on there? I have several other crafts with chipped paint that I need to clean first but not sure just how to go about it? Can you help?

    Thanks so much!