Tuesday, May 1, 2012

pink garden cabinet…

when I started working on my screened porch, I knew I wanted a tall cabinet to hold pots, hand tool, twine, gloves, etc—and keep it pretty.
my husband built this for me.  to keep the price down, he uses the cedar fence boards whenever he can.  also, the shelves, tops and sides can be several small pine or cedar boards.  the smaller boards are so much cheaper.

135 flora

the pink color is valspar’s pink whisper.


added the applique to the top.


then I loaded it up with my garden stuff.  the white tin holds the uglier stuff.  the roses in the mason jar are from my garden last year.

  036 flora

I found this sweet birdcage (it holds my twine) for $5.00 at salvage sisters.  I painted some peat pots and this one holds some dried roses.  some others hold wire, seed packets and floating candles.

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a couple more, the lavender one I patterned after this cutie pin.


old tin pot holds gloves and clippers.

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I  hung this pot with a bit a lace on it on a shutter.

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this pink angel mini chandelier was found on ebay about 8 years ago.  lowes had chain sleeves on sale for .50 each last week!

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if you are still reading—bless your heart!
thanks for looking, and I’m sharing with…


  1. Very pretty, Lynn! Who says functional can't be pretty, too! Love the bookcase and the color. All your accessories look wonderful on here. I love the tin you use to hold the "hard work" items.

  2. Good Morning Lynn, I love it!!! You have shabby down to a fine art! I just love how you mixed everything together to create a lovely vignette.
    Happy May Day!
    Hugs Rosemary...

  3. You styled your shelf like a pro! It's a delight to look at. The pink is yummy!

  4. the way you have it styled is just plain - STUNNING! GREAT PICS TOO! I just got a similar cabinet (it is currently crusty, dirty, muddy with chippy white paint underneath) so once I give it a good scrub & buff, my plan is to stage like you've done here. thanks for the awesome display for inspiration! xo

  5. Just when I think you can't top your last project, you DO! Love love love the new cabinet!! I seriously want to make one myself. And I'm afraid of the table saw!

  6. You have such a talent with placing your accessories, it's all so pretty! The colors all look so beautiful together and I love that your birdcage holds your twine--great idea!

  7. I love your cabinet, so very pretty!!

  8. Love your photos. Beautiful

  9. Hi Lynn: What a great little place to store your useful, but pretty things. I love it and the dried rose petals in the mason jar is spectacular..Happy May Day..Judy

  10. What a GREAT PLACE for storage and display. Totally love it, the applique and the paint colors. YUM! More than fab to me! Thanks for sharing!


  11. Lynn,
    GORGEOUS girl!Love it.That applique it the perfect touch.That chandy is wayy cool.All looks amazing!

  12. I am so in love with everything you do! You are quickly becoming one of my very favorite bloggers. I love how handy your husband is--he's a keeper! This whole thing is so pretty--I love the color--thanks for sharing what it is. You are awesome!

  13. What a beautiful cabinet for your garden necessities! It looks perfect. I can't get over how talented your husband is to make that.

  14. That looks beautiful Lynn. I tell ya...between what your hubby can make and you can decorate, you have a beautiful home. Wanna come to Iowa and do mine? :)


  15. *sigh* I could sit on that porch with a cool drink and a book and be happy forever.

  16. Hi Lynn,
    I just love this cabinet with the inside painted that pretty pink. Your hubby is really talented and fast. He makes the structure and you make it beautiful.

    Kindredly, Lynnie

  17. Beautiful cabinet!
    Your newest follower,

  18. This cabinet is awesome - your husband is a keeper for sure! The applique makes a huge difference and I love the twine in the birdcage - great idea!

  19. Just gorgeous Lynn - I love the pink in the back, your amazing displays and how you've put the twine in the bird cage.
    Your home should be featured in a magazine - it has such a beautiful and cohesive style.

  20. this is simply AMAZING!!!!! I am BLOWN away how gorgeous it all is!!!! sending you shabby chic hugs!

  21. What a lovely cabinet - I want to come and hang out on your porch.

  22. Your porch cabinet is fabulous! Love how you displayed all your gardeny things. So lovely!! I've got to pin this in my garden section, everything is just too cute.
    Mary Alice

  23. This is jaw dropping gorgeous Lynn! I love cabinets! :)

  24. Love love love it. You did an amazing job decorating it, making it, displaying it. wow. I love it.
    Great job. I think you need a pink painted planter the same color and then plant little pale pink
    flowers in it. Just love it. My mind is whirling with cute ideas because of this. I love your blog too.
    You really decorate and put things together in such a pretty way. Wow!
    Have an awesome day!

  25. I love it...every wonderful detail!

  26. You keep coming up with these wonderful posts. I love this one. I love the color pink and how you did the painting and added the applique. Beautiful... Your porch looks amazing. Have a nice relaxing week enjoying it.


  27. Wow Lynn, there is going to be a traffic jam in front of your hose with this gorgeous cabinet! Love it and all the beautiful things you filled it with!

  28. Hi Lynn,
    I'm visiting from Faded Charm.
    You have a cute little cabinet. the PERFECT place for all your garden necessities.
    I have much enjoyed my visit and will be back for more inspiration.

  29. So thrilled to have found your blog through White Wednesday!! I'm now your newest follower. I love every bit of your garden style display~ it's shabby perfection. Stop by and visit me when you have a time.. :)
    Blessings & hugs,

  30. Another winner Lynn :o) and I love your mini pink chandelier!!!!

  31. Your garden shelf is lovely as is everything in it! I really like those pots and the birdcage! You have a beautiful blog and I'm your newest follower :) Have a great weekend!


  32. Lynn,

    I love the pink and white combo. It is so you! I actually sighed when your first picture came up! How talented you are my wonderful friend!


  33. It's all just gorgeous! Your husband did a fabulous job building it and you did a fabulous job filling it. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Blessings to you, Amy

  34. Are you kidding me...You had me on edge of my seat, everything you and the hubby do is beyound fabulous!!! Using the cedar fence boards is genius and so adds to and makes the shabby look. the chandelier and peat pots are great! it's simply gorgeous!


  35. So pretty!!! I just found your blog through Faded Charm's White Wednesday and I just love it! Shabby Chic, cottage and garden style are my favorite styles and you blend them all so beautifully! Can't wait to explore more of your lovely blog!

  36. I love this so much! Such a soft shade of pink and all of your garden accessories look amazing. Just beautiful!

  37. This is so sweet and pretty, Lynn! I love the painted peat pots--what a great idea! And keeping everything garden-related handy makes so much more sense than trying to keep other, more decorative things there. I can't believe how dusty a screened porch can get, and these things won't mind the dust, yet they look very pretty. Thanks for sharing inspiration. ~Zuni PS - I'm following you now.

  38. Precioso tu blog, me hago seguidora.Saludos.Jose

  39. I adore this!
    I would love if you link this to the Monday French party!

  40. So happy to have found your "BEAUTIFUL" blog...
    Love your style...
    Your newest follower...
    Blessings Lori

  41. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing, you've given me some ideas!!

  42. So amazing! Love that you husband made it and love that beautiful shade of pink.

  43. I had to laugh at your last paragraph, about if I am still reading at the bottom of the post. LOL OF COURSE, I didn't even want the post to end! Your things are so lovely, Lynn, and you have SUCH an eye for the beautiful things in life. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  44. So so beautiful! I love the birdcage with the twine idea but this entire cabinet is totally swoon worthy! Lovely!

    Shared on FJI Facebook and pinned for SNS 132. :)


  45. I just found your blog. Love it, your projects are simple and spanked yet totally lovely. Following you on pintrest so I can't wait to see what's new in the future. Thanks for sharing!

  46. So pretty! I could never feature my garden gloves out in the open - they always look filthy even when recently washed. However do you do it?

  47. Just found you via Funky Junk on Facebook. Love this!! I'm your newest follower.

  48. love it....and your sweet blog.

    barbara jean

  49. I'm your newest subscriber! Loved my first visit to your blog!

  50. I am your newest follower - what fun ideas!

  51. I love this post! Thanks so much for sharing on Simple & Sweet Fridays.


  52. Hi - Just found your blog from Susan (BNOP, I have enjoyed visiting today! I love this cabinet, and it looks like something I could tackle. Thanks so much for sharing. Off to explore more. I am also your newest follower. Have a great day!

  53. My favorite is your twine holder. Cute!


  54. Thanks so much for linking, There is another one going on right now...I would love to see you there.
    Happy Mother's day!

  55. Oh my goodness, so sweet and gorgeous! I'm officially one of your biggest fans! So inspiring♥

  56. OMGosh Lynn ... I just came across your blog and can't leave ... ;-D Your garden is EVERYTHING I want ours to look like. We just bought our new home, and I basically have a clean slate to make as gorgeous like yours. Where ever did you start, or was it an ongoing project of love ? I used to be the kind of girl to love all the color in could in a garden, but now, maybe comes with age, I love the serene white/natural elements the best. Love your style girl, and Derek is a very handy guy. You work well together. Gladly my hubby and I have the same ideas in mind with just a bit of variation. I am now your biggest fan and am going back to your blog to see more of what marvellous ideas you put into your life. Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration !!!


    1. hi sheila,
      congrats on your new home! how fun to start freshSmile emoticon you might want to blog of your adventure with your new home.

      take your time and enjoy the process. I used to do everything in color, real antiques, and very traditional. then, around my 30th bday, white started creeping in, and I realized I'd found a style I loved--white, junk, and whimsySmile emoticon it's not for everyone, but, it works for me.

      thanks so much for taking the time to leave the fab comments---made my day!
      have a wonderful weekend,