Thursday, August 30, 2012

chippy white changes…

recently, my son landed a great job—(the iu degree finally paid off:), and moved into his first place.  we are now, empty nesters, and that has started changes all around the house.
we decided to replace our bulky surround with the fireplace mantel my husband made earlier this year.




and, the tv ended up on this cabinet--(from the family room).  I watch and record tv through a computer, so, I added the ruffled skirt to hide the computer.


have a great weekend and welcome to all you new followers:)
and at the end of each month, I like to thank everyone for my features!

8-21-12-special thanks to annarita at casa chic:)

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

a timely garden fence chandy…

recently, I shared my new dining room chandelier, that replaced this smaller chandelier.


I had some fencing left over from this project and this project.   my husband wrapped the fencing around an old clock face, and wired the chandelier to the center of it.


the fence is simply held on by bending the prongs to the back of the clock. 


this really added some personality to the room.  a very quick and easy project, and since, I had the parts lying around—free!  hope you like it!

before lighting-(laundry room)…


this project was inspired but this pin, which is adorable,


the source- junk market

and I recently saw some sweet fence chandeliers on junk chic cottage—please check out kris's darling blog.

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looking for great link parties? below are some of my favorites!

Monday, August 20, 2012

in the beginning...

hi everyone!  hope your weekend was great. saturday was my blog’s 1st anniversary, but, we had a pipe break that flooded a bathroom, and I didn’t have time to do a post.
I want to thank all of you, for stopping by!--the lurkers, pinners, party hosts, millers-ink friends, shabby followers-(about 1266, of you-wow!), and commenters—you are all awesome!
my very first post was about my entry, so, I thought I’d show what my entry looks like today.
I had to move this shelf from the greatroom to make room for a piece of furniture—(I'll show it in a later post.)
last year, there was a desk where this bench sits.
right across the hall is a 4’ mirror that I’ve never shown you, but, I’ve had for about 6 yrs now.  it was antique silver when I bought it.
I shared my 1 year anniversary with revi-from revisionary life, who started her blog the same day (8-18-11) and was my first follower!  congrats to you, tamala!  you have been such a great blog friend, thank you!  please visit her awesome site—it’s filled with fabulous old finds, like this wagon and lovely furniture re-dos!
have a great week, everyone!

Monday, August 13, 2012

garden fence plate pocket…

hi everyone, today, I wanted to share a couple of  projects from my dining room.  I found a large roll of white fencing at an antique store for $5.  some of it was used on my daybed awning, and more of it on this plate holder over my french doors.


all you need to do, is fold the fencing in half.  this was done by placing a 2x4 board in the center of the fencing and folding it up.


once the fold is done, use the prongs in the back to hold the two edges of the fencing together,-- by bending them around the front portion of the fence.
the pictures explain this process better.  the whole fence was attached to the wall with hooks and zip ties, to be sure it stays in place.


and my inspiration is from this creative lady:)


and you can see a snippet of this chandelier in the first picture of this post.   it was a mother’s day gift this year, and it’s now over my dining table.—here’s the before and afters.

PicMonkey Collage

thanks for looking!

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

meet harper…

hi everyone:)  my husband was off work this week, and I didn’t get a lot of time to visit, but, I’m catching up. 
this is harper, my dress form—I HAD to name her:)  LOVE!  (she’s going to look great with wings at xmas time:)   I’m going to have fun dressing her..or in this case, undressing her.


I wanted a ragged, old look, so I removed her b/w cover.  underneath, she looks like this.  I just added a “necklace”-(a pearl candle ring) and hot glued two flowers to some seam binding and tied them around her neck.
here is her other look—(the flowers I added).


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thanks for stopping by and have a happy weekend!

Friday, August 3, 2012

shabby barn door sconce…

here is the latest project.  this is an old barn door and a sconce from lowes.  it just took a hole drilled in the door and wiring of the sconce.


I grouped some things from around the house, to fit around it.  the rusty tin is a new find, and the black metal embossed “junk” letters were found on clearance at michaels.  I just punched holes in them and strung the wire through them.  the wood box below the tin is a drawer-upside down.


here’s a close up of the sconce.  and it didn’t  have the crystals, I added them.


and I had to share this pic of bailey enjoying a chew bone for her first birthday recently—the tongue cracks me up:)


thanks so much to these awesome blogs for my july features:

have a great weekend!

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