Saturday, November 3, 2012

the beginnings of a pink christmas...

hi everyone,-I always rush christmas.  this year is no different:) 

  this mantel was a headboard last christmas, but, now is a working fireplace.  it has white lights, ivy, and roses on it-simple, bright and cheerful, which is what I like during the dark wintery days.

I shopped my house, and gathered some of my favorite things—

and I painted these frames white.

a crown candle holder-(hobby lobby), became a tree topper.

my chandy got a new coat of paint,

and it brightens a dark corner. the enamel pot was found at a garage sale last summer.

the tree has the cd clock faces that I made,-isn’t the crown key adorable?

and I poured pink paint into some old clear glass bulbs for more color.  there are tiny crowns, bits of tulle tied to the light strands, and lace pieces were for the garland.

some random ornaments--some are just my everyday decorations.

that’s all for now, is it looking a lot like christmas where you are?
thanks for looking:)  


  1. Gorgeous! I've done some shopping, but no decorating for Christmas yet. Hope you are doing well.

  2. Beautifully done, Lynn! Love the pink/white theme!! No Christmas decor here yet. I usually don't start that til December 1. Tradition, I guess. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  3. I LOVE your pretty Christmas decorations, especially your gorgeous tree topper !
    I too celebrate every year with pale pinks and also pale French blues. Every year I take out the traditional reds and greens and then put them away again as soon as the first pink decoration makes it's way out of the box. I long to have an all white tree but I just can't help myself with the pink and blue.......

  4. Such a smart idea for the tree topper! Love it all!

  5. I love your Christmas decorating soothing

  6. Love it all. I started my decorating too. Alot of white for this cream and white girl but I just love this time of year and decorating. Love the crown for the tree topper. It all looks adorable.

  7. Oh good--I can comment now! I love the crown on top of the tree. Perfect!

  8. Hi Lynn

    I love crowns so when I see crowns when decorating, I just love it. I recognized one of your crowns, the one on top of your tree. I have it only in gray and it arrived from Decor Steals. No wonder I like your blog, we like similar decor items.

  9. You have the sweetest Christmas decorations ever! I love the pink and white and all the glistening touches. I don't start my decorations until the day after Thanksgiving and I don't budge from our traditions. My kids would go nuts. It's so fun to see what other people do though, and yours make me want to say, "ahhhhh...".

  10. Beautiful. I just adore your christmas decor, and your home! Love the pink and white. I am not a fan of red and green at all. last year I did the traditional red/green/gold, and it did not bring me joy or make me smile. i am doing the soft and pretty colors like yours, that I love. I just wanted to ask. What kind of paint did you use to make the pretty pink ball ornament, and is it difficult to do? Just wondering. Thank you!

    1. hi carol jane,
      they are so easy. just pour the paint into the bulb (i used deco art acrylic paint from hobby lobby), swish it around to cover the inside. then i sat the bulb upside down into a paper cup to let the excess drip out. it takes a few days to dry. and i used a glass bulb. hope that helps!

  11. You have a very beautiful pink Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post! :)

    Arrielle P

  12. You have a very beautiful pink Christmas decor. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post! :)

    Arrielle P