Sunday, December 30, 2012

render grace...

i want to wish you all a happy new year!-- a fresh new start, a time to reflect.

my outdoor world looks like this today.  it's so bright and pretty, as it covers up the ugly remnants of last summer's drought.   

our christmas time was wonderful--my best gift was spending time with my most favorite people in the whole world:)  here's my christmas table centerpiece, inspired, no, totally copied, from donna at funky junk!

my new years resolution-to render grace each day.  have you picked your resolution?

my 2012 most viewed posts are on my sidebar, in case you missed something.

--thank you for stopping by, and i'll see you next year!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

repurposed christmas family room...

during a trip through my attic, we found a green trunk and old window—here’s what we did with them. 

after adding a new set of rollers to the bottom of the trunk, I painted it white.  it’s perfect in front of the mantle my husband made for me last summer. (this is our tiny family room—I’ve never shown it cuz it's so dark.  I had to really lighten the pics-sorry). 

here’s the trunk after…

and this is the trunk before the paint job…

I put a skinny tree into a small wooden suitcase and sat it on an old piano stool for height.  the topper is a zinc chalkboard sign.

we put 2 hinges on the old window’s top and attached it to a simple shelf. 

here’s a pic with the window lifted up---this shows the basic foundation for the shelf-a very easy project.  another earlier window project is the leaded glass window in the picture.

the zinc numbers-below and the cash register sign—(25 cents-above pic) were found in a local shop.

I used shower curtains (from tj max) for the window, in this room.  they are a wrinkly texture and I love the writing on them.

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sharing with funky junk-12 days, and commonground

thanks for looking and have some holiday fun this weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a simple feather wreath…

I received an early xmas gift -a pretty grey chair, and it caused some changes and moving things around. 
I brought in one of my rusted iron headboards-(from the garden), and put it on the mantle, to hold my new feather wreath. 

I made the wreath by simply wrapping a feather boa from hobby lobby, around a wood embroidery hoop.  it took all of 2 minutes to finish!

the tree moved to the other side of the fireplace and a small stool was painted white and added to the mix…

added some stoneware…

added greenery and some lights in dining room…

more feather boas on my flocked tree…

for ornaments, i wrapped some old bulbs with rose print fabric, tied them with seam binding, and added stamped tags to them—very easy to do tutorial here.

my husband finished some projects and I’ll try to post them this week.  right now, I’ve gotta start wrapping presents—thanks for looking!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

christmas past…

years ago, I made mohair bears,-most were sold.  and at christmas time, they gathered under the tree.   so, when I came across some old pictures,  I thought I’d show a few today.
sadie, (yes, they all had names), was the first mohair bear I made. she had a christening gown on with a sweater and lace collar.
here’s a pic of one of the trees—I think 1992. funny, I loved pink then, too:)
olive had a mini quilt that I made for her.
brody, was in my son’s room.
mohair was and is expensive, so, my very first bear, hadley, was sewn from plain old sherpa fleece from jo-anns.  I made her a dress and a baby doll to hold.
it’s hard to believe, but, these 4 bears are all from the same pattern.  you get different looks with the fur color and length, the size of eyes and noses, and how you shape the faces.
I have a few in my attic, collecting dust.  hmm, maybe its time to bring them down…
sharing with debra at commonground
thanks for looking!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


it’s hard to capture in pictures, it’s also hard to resist, especially at christmas time.  it comes in all shapes and sizes…
like gems on wings under a cloche…



a soft sparkly star on a wreath…



a bowl of glittery balls…


a cheap plastic crown-(my fav ornament this year)…


a mercury glass candle holder…


and old crystal chandelier, just to name a few…


the older I get, the more I’m drawn to shiny things:)
do you have your christmas decorations done? 
thanks for looking!

sharing with ivy and elephants!

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