Sunday, March 17, 2013

a few small projects and a tub…

I got to go junking recently and found some odds and ends for my fireplace.
the first project was a baby shoe, which I replaced the laces with seam binding, added some lace, dried statice, and a rose and greenery to the tiny shoe.

target had $3 nests—a small nest sat inside a larger nest.  below, is the smaller nest.  I just added laces and ribbons and 3 old doorknobs to it. 
and the claypot, in the cloche, has some moss and a single hydrangea added to it.

this chalkboard was found at hobby lobby.  the nest has robin egg blue eggs, seam binding, a little hope sign and lace edging and it’s all sitting in an old blue melamine bowl.

a white wreath was found at a restore store for just 50 cents.  it had some worn xmas ornaments on it, which I removed.

originally, I added a bunny to the wreath, but, it fell off the wall, –and the cute bunny shattered:(

and here is everything on my mantle.

I love picmonkey and my new claw foot tub!  it’s not installed yet, but, it’s cute to look at:)
tub collage

I want to thank you all for the sweet comments and emails—I really appreciate you taking the time to visit.  have a great week!
today’s charming blog is daisy pink cupcake!


  1. Lynn - How sweet and serene your mantle looks! I love all the little vignettes.


  2. Poor bunny! I just broke an old creamer this week so I feel your pain. Regardless of the bunnyless wreath, your mantel is charming. The baby shoe is adorable and would be a lovely gift for a new mama! And that tub! It's a work of art just sitting there.

    Doorknobs for eggs. You are a clever girl. :)

  3. Lynn your mantle looks so pretty! What a sweet baby shoe....LOVE the wire cloche....Love that sweet chalk board...LOVE it all!And a beautiful claw tub!


  4. Your nests and the baby shoe are so sweet!!! Beautiful tub as well.
    Mary Alice

  5. That baby shoe looks so sweet, Lynn! Love the addition of the seam binding and florals. Great nests! I found a nice set of nests and eggs at Target about two years ago. Such a great buy.

  6. Oh Lynn, as usual you have my mouth agape at all your wonderful finds/arrangements.
    Is that a real tub to be used like us common folk use tubs (ie: filled with luxurious bubbles and scents) or is that a pretty little thing to fill with flowers and such? Either way, it's fabulous!

  7. Your mantle looks just darling, Lynn. That baby shoe is just the sweetest thing ever. I love it all-including the tub- xo Diana

  8. Oh, my! I sure do love what you have done to that little baby shoe! Makes me want to look for one! Nancy

  9. The little baby shoe is sweet and I am sorry about your cute bunny. Your display looks beautiful. I love picmonkey, too.

  10. Your mantel is darling! I love that lace wrapped wreath. The upside is that it will work year round without the bunny! Sorry about the oops! LOVE your darling new tub!

  11. What a shame your sweet bunny broke. It all looks so lovely and I have serious bath envy. What a gorgeous shape that bath is - love it!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  12. OMG!!!Lynn your mantel so cute. I love all your special touches and how you use vintage things in your decor. You are just amazing when it comes to this stuff. I love your tub too. Ohhhh it is so sweet.

  13. Oh my! I want to jump into that tub right now--I'm so jealous :) Your projects are adorable--I especially love that shoe. If I would have saved some of the kids shoes--darn. I might have to go to goodwill and pretend it is one of the kids shoes ;) Love this post!

  14. How I love that little white shoe. Your arrangement is stunning.
    Thank you for the inspiration.

  15. I love how your mantle looks! Perfect accessories!! And that tub is just gOrGeOus!!!!!!

  16. Fabulous decor!!!! Love that little baby shoe!

  17. cute cute cute!!!
    love the shoe, and your tub.


  18. Your mantle looks perfect! You always do just the right touches to your vignettes. That tub is amazing, I can't wait to see it all hooked up.


  19. Hi Lynn, Looks like lots of great finds!!! Love all the pretty touches... too bad about the bunny )= Great inspiration!!! (=

  20. Awesome mantle! The baby shoe decoration is precious:)

  21. Hi Lynn,

    Lovely baby shoe with the lace and love the bunny, too bad it bummer. The. mantel looks lovely

  22. PS: fantastic tub, how wonderful to soak in and just look at!

  23. Love your new additions, they look gorgeous! (I love PicMonkey too!) ~Diane

  24. Your mantel looks so pretty...the street sign is cute!!

  25. Love everything and that baby shoe is adorable. I have mine from when I was a baby my mom had it bronzed for all her kids.


  26. Lynn, that's just the sweet kind of thing I got a baby shoe for, but I just have never done anything with mine. It's been sitting waiting for me to do something with it. Thank you for the idea. I also appreciate hearing where you get things. My daughter was just at Hobby Lobby (I don't have one nearby) and I don't think she saw those chalkboards, and I bet she might have wanted one. Maybe I'll have her pick me one up as well! Thanks!

  27. Lynn, I am so happy that I found your beautiful blog. Your mantel is charming and I love all the sweet touches! Following you now!:)


  28. This too is very pretty everything whatever you do...thank you...Hugs....sujatha..:):)