Sunday, June 30, 2013

it’s a sign…

I’ve been taking some time off to try to paint roses.  this painted rose turned into a cottage sign with the help of my silhouette cutter.


we finally received the galvanized roofing for my shed and we put it up yesterday. 


to remove the zinc coating, we etched it with “the works” toilet cleaner and threw some salt on it.  it sat for about two hours, then, was rinsed with baking soda, and dawn dish soap. 
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today’s charming blog is backwoods cottage-I linked to pamela’s rose painting tutorial today, in case, you want to try painting roses, too:)

have a safe, fun 4th of july and thanks for looking!

Monday, June 10, 2013

the potted stuff…

just a few pics of my garden today.  I potted my pots, mostly with ivy geraniums, petunias and vinca vines.


the vinca grows under my window box, and I just dig up bits of it for my pots—free is good.


the chippy barn door behind this rusty planter made it more visible against the fence.  the vine is a chocolate vine.


this chair was red last year, now, it has an aqua blue paint on it , and is hanging on the fence.


the potting bench and an arbor had to be moved, when we built the deck.  we moved them next to the garden shed, (which is just about done).  the arbor gives some extra privacy from the neighbors deck and has a wisteria vine climbing on it.



for mother’s day I received 5 double pink knock out rose bushes and a dawn rose climber.  my husband made the tall birdhouse.


I took this picture last fall.  our 100 degree days killed our yard, and I was worried it wouldn’t come back this year.  (we had a water ban).


but, it’s back to normal-amazing!


remember this tree last christmas?  it didn’t survive last summer’s heat.  we had to cut it down this week.

shabby story snow-stormdead-tree


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today’s charming blog is for the love of white!

have a great week, and happy dad’s day to the guys!