Sunday, June 30, 2013

it’s a sign…

I’ve been taking some time off to try to paint roses.  this painted rose turned into a cottage sign with the help of my silhouette cutter.


we finally received the galvanized roofing for my shed and we put it up yesterday. 


to remove the zinc coating, we etched it with “the works” toilet cleaner and threw some salt on it.  it sat for about two hours, then, was rinsed with baking soda, and dawn dish soap. 
***and don’t forget, the google reader will disappear july 1st.  if you use it to stay in touch with other bloggers, you’ll need to find another reader system. 

I switched to bloglovin awhile back and really like it.  you can switch all of your people over to it with a click of a button. feedly is another option.

today’s charming blog is backwoods cottage-I linked to pamela’s rose painting tutorial today, in case, you want to try painting roses, too:)

have a safe, fun 4th of july and thanks for looking!


  1. Oh my gosh!! Your rose is gorgeous and your roofing is swoon worthy!! Or is it the other way around??? ;-)

  2. Gorgeous sign Lynn! Several years ago I took a few painting classes because I wanted to be able to paint roses (and other flowers too). I used to do a lot of decorative painting like that but now only scrap and make cards... so many things not enough time!

  3. Mornin' Lynn, You are a very talented, creative lady! LOVE the sign and LOVE what you are creating with your new shed. I know it is going to be awesome! Can't wait to see it finished! Yes, the google reader is going away....bummer....I did switch to bloglovin also Blessings ~~~Roxie

  4. LOVE, love your galvanized roof! I didn't know that neat little trick to distress the metal. I can't wait to see it all finished. I bet you are super excited to have it almost complete. :)


  5. I love your painting - keep at it - I don't paint but for those I know who DO they say practice practice practice!!!

    Your shed is going to be soooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!

  6. Hi Lynn,
    Happy Sunday. I love your cottage sign so pretty. The roof turned out so cool. I love it. That shed is going to be amazing. Looks like you are in the home stretch with the shed. I can't wait to see if all done.

  7. Love the sign, it's so pretty, and the rose is great, I always find them really hard to paint.
    Looking forward to seeing the new shed, it's looking good so far !

  8. Gorgeous rose and sign Lynn, I could not make a rose like that no matter how hard I tried! I like the roof! ~Diane

  9. That rose is absolutely darling! Can't wait to see your finished shed xx

  10. Your rose sign is beautiful!!!
    Mary Alice

  11. I think you nailed the rose painting, Lynn! I just love your cottage sign!!

    You've been a busy bee this summer!

  12. Beauty of a sign! You did such a great job.

    Shed is on my list too this summer. My freaking, long, never-ending, make work summer list. I think I am insane. Until I get inspired again and then I'm off and running!! Cheers xox

  13. Lynn- I love your sign. It turned out just beautifully. Good job with the rose,too. Your shed is going to be just marvelous- xo Diana

  14. Lynn - you are such a talented artist! I love your work! And I also love the way you aged your metal roof! I never knew there was a recipe for that. :) Can hardly wait to watch your shed take shape! :)

    xoxo laurie

  15. It would be a disaster if I tried to paint roses but your sign is very pretty! Your new shed sounds great! You have a lovely fourth too and stay safe. Nancy

  16. Nice job on the rose painting and the sign. I love the way your roof looks - I bought a different brand of toilet bowl cleaner to use on some buckets - I've been meaning to do them every weekend and haven't gotten around to it yet. Thanks for the tips about baking soda and dawn. :)

  17. Hi Lynn, Love your painted rose on the darling sign. Looks like you are well on your way to painting these pretties. I can tell you after years of hand painting roses all it takes is practice, practice and more practice. Have fun!
    Love your shed roof. Thank you for sharing the aging formula. Have a great 4th of July later this week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  18. Your sign is wonderful, great job!
    I was intrigued my the way you aged your roof.
    That's a very cool idea.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your finished shed :)
    Happy 4th of July!
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  19. Your rose is gorgeous. I see that the Silhouette is so handy. I just won one. Now I've gotta play around and learn to use it. :)

  20. Thanks so much for featuring my Blog, Backwoods Cottage and my 'attempt' at showing how I paint my roses. :) Your rose turned out just lovely and the sign too. I was just thinking how I need to get back to posting my painting tutorials, knowing some may find it useful gives me extra incentive.

  21. Love what you did to the roof, Lynn.
    Your sign is adorable, but who's surprised here?
    You are so creative!
    Happy 4th to you and yours- will Bailey have watermelon?

  22. Happy to see your post. I have always wanted to paint roses--yours is pretty! I have always used my reading list to follow blogs--and it seems to still be here :)

  23. You have painted a beautiful rose,This brings back a memory of me painting a yellow rose in my 8th grade at school and getting a prize for it.That was years ago,I still have the certificate of it. All sweet memories.Pretty post by you.Have a wonderful 4th July..:):)

  24. Your sign is darling, Lynn! What an interesting process to remove the zinc coating! Are you wanting it too look rustic & rusty...or were you just trying to knock down the shine? So curious. It's gonna be gorgeous.

    1. hi jami,

      both! we did want to tone down the shine, and the rusty, streaky finish gives it an "old" look. thanks for visiting and have a happy 4th!


  25. LOVE your sign! Happy 4th of July. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  26. You are an artist, too? Is there no end to your talents? The rose is gorgeous, you continue to amaze! Have a happy 4th!

  27. Lynn, your sign is gorgeous! And that shed is going to be sooo charming!!

  28. Great job on your roses!!
    I taught tole painting for 25 years.
    Roses are one of the hardest things to learn.

  29. Hello!! So excited to run across your blog this evening. I am your newest fan. Can't wait to go browse some more.
    My Best,

  30. śliczna różyczka, ja będę robic mąły pokoik z akcentami różanymi, a obecnie tak jak Ty buduję drewniany domek w ogrodzie. Pozdrowienia Beata

  31. You have the prettiest blog.:) Love the sign. Diane


  32. Hi Lynn.thank you and happy to see you on my posting for a comment.Have a beautiful day...Love sujatha...:):)

  33. I am in awe of the cottage sign you created. You tried to paint roses? My oh my you did a fab job! Keep us posted about the progress on your shed.
    Have a lovely day!

  34. Well, your time off painting really produced sweet results. The sign is fabulous! I'm stoked about your shed and the treatment you gave the galvanized roofing. It is going to be so wonderful. I can't wait to see it all done!

  35. Love the roses, great job on painting them! Can't wait to see the finished shed!

  36. Your Cottage sign is divine, just LOVE it Lynn...swoon!!! I love roses too. Am also looking forward to seeing the completed shed. Please share how do you get the Reply link at the end of your comments? You can just privately email me. Thanks so much.

  37. Thanks so much for showing how you aged your new metal roof. That tip will come in handy one day!