Friday, September 27, 2013

canvas pumpkin painting…

jennifer rizzo posted a detailed pumpkin painting tutorial.  I tried it, and it was fun and fast to do.
I used her color palette--aqua, white, brown, and green, and I painted it on a canvas board. it turned out ok, but, …it’s pretty colorful for my room.


so, I took a picture of my painting, and printed out in grayscale onto printable canvas,


and now it works in my room:)
it makes a good fall header, too.


today’s charming blog is sea cottage-another painter:)
happy weekend!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

falling for white…

I don’t do much for fall, but, did make a fabric pumpkin to sit on my iron baby bed.  I cut a 36” circle for this one—it’s pretty big.


this pic shows it’s size better.


and a couple bitty pumpkins for the fireplace.


and that’s it for my fall.


I do want to share one of my pins with you. 

shayna at woodgrain cottage tutorial

I just love the look of concrete pumpkins and shayna at woodgrain cottage has a great tutorial showing how to make them.  --it’s on my to do list:)


last weekend, I mixed up some chalk paint.  (1 cup of paint and 7 tablespoons of plaster of paris) it’s thick and gritty going on, covers great, and sands beautifully.  I like it:)

here’s the paint on an old oak piece found at tipton’s french flea market this summer. 


the next market is coming up saturday-check it out, if you are local.


thanks for looking today!

today’s charming blog is ranger 911!