Friday, May 16, 2014

garden changes…

i try to change things up, to get a different look, without spending much money. 

this year, my barn door got a new look by adding a mirror, (that used to hang above my fireplace).  it’s surrounded by an easy to grow chocolate vine.

mirror-on-barn-door shabby story 2014

here’s last year’s look—the door held a planter.


i changed this chippy drawer into a planter.

chippy drawer planter shabby story 2014 

and remember this wreath?  here’s a change i didn’t expect….putting it on the front porch a few weeks ago,

shabby story wreath 

changed it into the home of these cute, but, messy  guys…i’m gonna need a new wreath:)


my bird cage stand usually holds a chandelier, now, it holds flowers.

deck-flowers 2 shabby story  

my little ladder and porch post hold flowers, too.

deck-flowers shabby story

and if, you live in the area, i changed where i buy flowers.  huge selection, big plants for much less than most.  save yourself some money and check it out.  the geraniums above were $12 and the huge petunia baskets were $16. 



thanks for looking and enjoy your weekend!

sharing with fishtail cottage.


  1. Lynn, your barn door makes me drool.... You have the prettiest of flowers and take the prettiest pictures!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!


  2. I love your flair in the garden! How lucky to have little nesters taking up residence!

  3. gorgeous! please come over and link up to Fishtail Cottage's garden party! oxox

  4. I love your patio!!! that pillar is so cool and omg the birds are so cute...messy, but cute!


  5. Very pretty, Lynn! I love the flowers hanging from the birdcage stand. I also love how you've used the columns for plants, too. I've been slowly getting some plants put around here. I need to do one more urn {by the garage} and just pick up a couple of hanging baskets. I wanted to get another rose bush or two in this year as well as some perennials but hubby is talking "patio" and if we do that it will affect where I plant.

  6. Love your flower pretty!! The birds look so sweet in your wreath, but I think you are right that you might need a new one when mama is done teaching her babies how to fly.

  7. Love all your changes Lynn. I think the mirror looks perfect on the barn door. Wish my deck was painted white but it's too hard to keep up...stain is better for us. The way you displayed your flowers is fab.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  8. It's looking beautiful, lynn!! Love the huge petunia baskets. What a fun treat to have little birdies! It's so fun to finally be outside.


  9. Hi Lynn your garden is gorgeous. I love the mirror outside and the reflection of your birdbath fountain!! Love your wreath and looks like the sweet bird family love it too. Messy little sweeties, but so cute!!
    Your flowers are so pretty and the colors stunning. Have a great weekend and thanks for always sharing such great inspiration!!

  10. Love all the vintage touches - its those personal things that make a garden unique.

    Visiting from Fishtail Cottage.

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I love all your pieces - that mirror is gorgeous!

    Have a happy weekend xox

  12. It's fun to use the unexpected to hold flowers. The mirror on the lovely door looks fabulous. And how sweet to have babies in the wreath. I have some inside a bird feeder at my front door. Very odd. Deb

  13. Hi Lynn ... Yes, I agree ... your garden is beautiful and I love the mirror on the old door. I use mirrors outside too. Wish I had an old wooden fence to hang one on. Makes a lot of difference. The ones with plastic frames hold up better.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  14. Beautiful garden, Lynn. Love the mirror out there on the door. Your flowers are gorgeous, too. Thanks for the peek! xo Diana

  15. Hi Lynn- Lovely post. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Have a great weekend.

  16. Love the mirror on the barn stopper for sure! Everything you create is so tasteful and beautiful! I've got to check for a chocolate's gorgeous! I won't be doing many Spring flowers this year because of the renovation and move...but I sure enjoy seeing everyone elses! Blessings~~~Roxie

  17. I adore you how captured your gorgeous fountain in the mirror, Lynn! So pretty!! And all of your flowers just left me swooning! :)

    xoxo laurie

  18. Lynn, your garden has so much of your personality in it. I just love everything, especially the bird cage with flowers. I used to collect bird cages and then couldn't find so many ways to display them...Wish I had them now!! The mirror is so neat. I love having birds choose my my home to nest near! Hubby keep vigilance at the lake, spotting birds building nests on the the many pillars on our patio because of the "mess" they make...he knocks them off (early on) with a broom. Meanie!!

    Have a great weekend and Happy Gardening!


  19. Lynn, I always love what you are up to doing.......little changes are always so pleasant, aren't they? Well done.

    Have a wonderful (hopefully perfet weather) weekend, my friend! : - )

  20. Oh Lynn,
    Love the mirror out on the barn door. That is gorgeous. Love that it reflects your pretty yard. Wow your flowers are gorgeous and what great prices. Have a wonderful week end. Love love the garden and all the vintage mixed in. So pretty.

  21. The mirror is so beautiful, Lynn, and of course, my heart melted when I saw the little birds. What a garden paradise you have created!

  22. Beautiful! You should get some nice aging on the mirror for when you change things up again. :) LOVE the birdies in your wreath...sweet!

  23. Your gardening is always so pretty Lynn!!! Wish I could put out planters like yours, however, the wind loves to pick up here in the afternoon and I'd be chasing them all the way to Indiana lol!!! Enjoy your weekend :o)

  24. Looks beautiful, Lynn! I always love the whimsy in your yard.

  25. Love the idea of hanging a mirror outside on your door! Love all the flowers that brighten our porches and yard in the spring.
    Mary Alice

  26. Lynn, I love the addition of the mirror. They are so pretty to reflect things in the garden. The vine is gorgeous! Never heard of it, must not grow here. A friend gave me a start of a Cinnamon Vine. Still small, but might be fun when it gets going. Your deck looks beautiful also. Great prices on your plants. I am trying to mix things up a little too.

  27. I think your barn door with the mirror looks so nice! Your flowers look beautiful too. Do you have to water the potted things every day? Looks like you are ready to enjoy summer! Very nice! Nancy

  28. Lynn, I ADORE your mirror in your yard! What a wonderful idea! Your flowers are so pretty and well, as always, I love your style and you always make me smile when I see your post POP up! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  29. Cudnie u Ciebie w ogródku, pięknie wyeksponowałaś kwiaty, petunie i surfinie:))

  30. Lynn! I just love all the vivid pink against your dreamy white porch items! Looks breath-taking! Great job!xoxo-aimee

  31. Your changes are always gorgeous Lynn. A mirror in my garden is something I've wanted for a long time, and I love the perfect shot, showing the fountain in the mirror.
    I still have lots of geraniums from last year because we've had no frost at all this year and I just love seeing them grow and bloom again.

  32. What an unexpected pleasure to see the mirror outdoors, it is gorgeous and I never would have thought of it! All your little vinigettes of flowers are all equally gorgeous, it must be so peaceful to sit outside and enjoy it all. ~Diane

  33. I like how you changed the look from last year. It works really well.

  34. Love that beautiful mirror...wish I could do that but you heard about my latest fiasco.Ah that pretty drawer too! Your garden is as lovely as your home <3

  35. I absolutely love everything you've done Lynn!!! I would love to use your mirror idea. LOVE IT! Your garden is beautiful!
    I just love your style!!!!

  36. Lynn, I love it all! Your flowers are gorgeous, and I love the architectural elements that you mix in-such a fun look! :)