Thursday, June 26, 2014

the white rocking horse...

i hadn't been in hobby lobby in several weeks, yesterday, i found him.
LOVE his detailed carvings and distressing.

big, but, not too big-26" x 28"

he didn't look like this when i found him.

here he is at the store-$68.

weekend's coming-have a great one!

Monday, June 16, 2014

last of my garden stuff...

first, i wanted to let you know, my email subs aren’t working for me anymore.  most aren’t coming through, and the ones that still come through, when i click on them, google can’t find the page:( 

brighthouse has my email account, and they "are experiencing problems" forever now.  

so, i’m slowly working through my list of blogs, and reworking things.  so, weird stuff  may  will happen in the process, sorry.

ok, on to the post. 

we have this bistro set, under the arbor, this year,--- it was just sitting on the grass—see in above pic.  my husband added a small patio for the set to sit on.   

the patio blocks sit level with the ground now, and he doesn’t need to move table and chairs to mow. 

and the patio blocks came with the house, so, this project was easy and didn’t cost a thing.

the vine on the arbor is wisteria.

when i found my vintage iron baby bed, i didn’t have room for my daybed.  so the daybed ended up in the garden, around a knock out rose. 

this winter the rose died down to the ground, but, it will fill the bed with roses by next year.

i don’t think i’ve ever shown this stain glass panel on my blog.  it’s spending the summer on the deck.

this was a headboard my husband made about 20 yrs ago.  it’s been in the garden for several years now.

the huge vine is a silver lace vine—grows like a weed.  it blooms from june to november.  here’s last year pic of it blooming.  it’s a lacy looking white bloom.

that’s the new stuff—thanks for looking!