Monday, June 16, 2014

last of my garden stuff...

first, i wanted to let you know, my email subs aren’t working for me anymore.  most aren’t coming through, and the ones that still come through, when i click on them, google can’t find the page:( 

brighthouse has my email account, and they "are experiencing problems" forever now.  

so, i’m slowly working through my list of blogs, and reworking things.  so, weird stuff  may  will happen in the process, sorry.

ok, on to the post. 

we have this bistro set, under the arbor, this year,--- it was just sitting on the grass—see in above pic.  my husband added a small patio for the set to sit on.   

the patio blocks sit level with the ground now, and he doesn’t need to move table and chairs to mow. 

and the patio blocks came with the house, so, this project was easy and didn’t cost a thing.

the vine on the arbor is wisteria.

when i found my vintage iron baby bed, i didn’t have room for my daybed.  so the daybed ended up in the garden, around a knock out rose. 

this winter the rose died down to the ground, but, it will fill the bed with roses by next year.

i don’t think i’ve ever shown this stain glass panel on my blog.  it’s spending the summer on the deck.

this was a headboard my husband made about 20 yrs ago.  it’s been in the garden for several years now.

the huge vine is a silver lace vine—grows like a weed.  it blooms from june to november.  here’s last year pic of it blooming.  it’s a lacy looking white bloom.

that’s the new stuff—thanks for looking!


  1. What a beautiful garden. I love beds outside in the "beds." This is so fresh and inviting. I love wisteria. Ohhhhh how pretty they are and pretty they smell. I love the stepping stones or bricks or whatever for the bristo. It is all so classy. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lovely! I love the white theme.... The flowers are gorgeous.... So perfect!

  3. I love seeing your garden and what you've done new to it Lynn. What a respite it is!
    sending hugs...

  4. Everything about your garden is purely charming . . . I expect to see Alice chasing a white rabbit :)

  5. It's amazing what a difference a few patio blocks can make, Lynn. To both the ease for mowing and also for when you are sitting on those chairs. I am looking forward to getting a little more room here at our condo for sitting outside. Just waiting on that HOA approval for the patio. : ) Of course, it is usually too hot and humid to sit outside in the summer months, but I think with the huge umbrella my hubby bought already, it will provide some shade from the hot sun and may make it tolerable.

  6. Hi Lynn, I just love your garden. What a difference it makes to put the bistro on blocks. Love the baby bed for a rose bed. It's a great idea. Your stained glass window is beautiful outside on the patio. You sure have everything looking perfectly gorgeous.
    It should be in a magazine my friend.
    As for the blog and email issues. I am still having them here and it's getting old. Doesn't look like any fix in sight either.
    Have a great week.

  7. Your yard is so serene in white and green! Beautiful white vignettes with special handmade and vintage touches look like a room in themselves! Love it!! Do you do garden tours? You should! Blessings~~~Roxie

  8. Lynn, putting the blocks under the bistro set will be so nice. Not only does it look pretty, but so much better to not have to move it around! I love the day bed and the headboard! My knock out took a beating this Winter, but is coming back nicely. So much so that I bought a pink one too. Silver Lace Vine is pretty, but it does grow like crazy. I don't have a good place for one as of yet. Wisteria is my favorite vine. I am planning a place for one when we build my potting shed up on the hill. So happy that you will be sharing this with SYC. Oh, I'm having a few problems also. Not getting e-mails on some blogs that I have signed up for when they do a new post. Happy to say that I did get yours!

  9. Your yard is beautiful and so charming, Lynn! Love the bed in your garden, the bistro set, the headboard...
    Mary Alice

  10. What a beautiful post! Thanx for sharing. It's totally LOVERLY!

    Jo from Anne's Attic - Design blog

  11. Lynn, your home is such a happy place...inside and out!
    Hope you get your feed figured out. It's such a pain when that happens.
    I am going to search for the silver lace vine- it's gorgeous.
    Kisses for Bailey. xxx, T.

  12. May I come over and have a glass of tea, please!

    1. and a cookie! come on over, theresa:)

  13. I like the pavers under the bistro table. That makes so much sense. Everything is looking beautiful there! I am sorry you are having internet problems....ugh- xo Diana

  14. Your garden is gorgeous, I would never be brave enough to try a daybed in the garden but.....It's perfect!!! I love everything about your yard!


  15. Your garden is an enchanting place, Lynn! I'd so love to have an arbor with wisteria dripping through the beams! The daybed and headboard look like art in your pretty yard. Enjoy it while it lasts!!

  16. Your out door space is gorgeous. Love the the little sitting space. The headboard looks beautiful in your garden.

    Hugs from here

  17. Lynn, piękne aranżacje, metalowe łóżko, płotki i stołeczki potrafisz wyczarować ogród z marzeń:))

  18. Lovely garden. I think that I could sit out there peacefully for hours!

  19. I love your garden and everything in it! Love the bistro with the chandi hanging over. You just truly inspire me Lynn. Hugs and blessings to you my friend, Cindy

  20. Nice decorated garden Lynn! And the bed is gorgeous!

  21. Thanks for looking? THANK YOU for sharing, Lynn!!!

    I don't ever want to miss any of your posts. Everything is always so very beautiful here!


  22. There are so many pretty vignettes in your garden! Love the stained glass...

  23. Lynn,

    Your garden is as whimsical and fun as your wonderful home. I like every element!

    I didn't realize until today you are from the Indy area. My FAVORITE tea society lady friends live there and I take the 3 hour straight west from Columbus visit there kinda regularly. I need to meet you in person one of those times, my friend!

    Do you ever come to Columbus? It's such an easy drive - hardly any turns, almost straight path once ya get on 70! I would love you to visit here too if you ever wanted. I have a guest bedroom and bath just waiting for you. And I would have a little tea party with sweets for you, too. : - )

  24. ps

    You should share this at this linky party: HOME SWEET GARDEN at the blog!

  25. Hi Lynn, so sorry for your technical issues! It's maddening. I hope you get them sorted out soon...
    On the bright side, your garden looks lush and lovely already. Love your new mini patio, the headboard, your shed (I think I could live there...) and everything!

  26. Lynn, your garden is drool worthy. Love all of its charm, that bistro set is just calling my name.


  27. You have created a beautiful garden to enjoy.Selection of things just fit in to the area.Thanks to visit me to drop your comments.Love sujatha..:):)

  28. It's always a joy to see your pretty garden Lynn. I've always wanted a bistro set like that, but I want to sort out my little patio under the kitchen window first. At the moment it's just gravel.
    I'm having problems with my emails too, though I'm with Yahoo, and I'm sorry if you've received any spam from me, my account seems to have been hacked again !

  29. Lynn, your yard/garden looks just gorgeous! I love that daybed :)

  30. Hi Lynn,
    Love love love it all. Everything is so pretty. Love your little bistro set under the arbor. Very sweet and the day bed with the roses. I have an old headboard in the garden too. They make for perfect backdrops in the garden. Your garden is magnificent.

  31. I love wisteria! And the bistro set is so romantic! I found you over at Must Love Junk and I'm your newest follower!
    xo Kathleen

  32. really have a lot of neat architectural pieces in your yard and I love them, especially that feeling of "romance" that is so your style. I have been wanting a bistro set for this house...I have two at the lakehouse but I didn't want to have to have it moved as you said your husband had to. This is such a great idea! I was planning on making a small walkway from the gate to the patio so I can pick up extra and do this. I'm excited!!

    Also, the silver vine. If it does well for you, it will do the same for me. I've never seen it at my nursery...I wonder if I could get one through a catalog like Burpee. I am trying my hand at "vertical gardening".

    I am loving the daybed! And the picket fence!! Now I'm off to see the guest post you did in your recent post that I missed! :)


  33. What a beautiful garden...I love all of the special pieces you have added! Charming and romantic!

  34. As usual love your things. The patio under the table and chairs looks so nice! The rose coming up through the day bed looks pretty. Enjoy your yard!!! Nancy

  35. Your yard looks gorgeous with the sweet Bistro set waiting for you there. I saw this on Pinterest and when I pinned it I thought of you and your yard so I am sharing the link with you. It is down towards the bottom of the page, it is a dress form in the garden, sooo you!

  36. Lynn,

    Your garden is beautiful! I am in love with your iron day bed and can't wait to see it completely filled with roses next year. My hubby also plans to add a small patio in front of our pool. We got rid of the garden there and plan a patio and will plant another fairy rose bush.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  37. I just love your outside pictures (actually I love your inside pictures too~) and so enjoyed this post. I hope you get everything all straightened out with your e-mail issues. Enjoy summer!

  38. Hi Lynn,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely garden at Revisionary Life Thrifty Life Thursday this week!

  39. Your yard is beautiful ... I think the wild deer around here would have a feast if I had all those, or just some of those beautiful flowers in my yard. I do love my wisteria.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures