Thursday, July 31, 2014

screen door cabinet-take 2...

  they are getting harder to find and their shape often isn't perfect, but, i love old screen doors.

last xmas, my husband built a corner cabinet and attached my screen door to it.  after xmas, he was to finish the cabinet by adding shelves.  but, i looked at the small amount of storage the corner cabinet offered and decided to go in a different direction.

i drew a sketch of what i wanted and my husband built it.  it's 16" deep, and 7' tall and the shelves are 17" apart, so i can stack lots of quilts, linens, ect.  

it's hard of tell, but, there is chicken wire stapled to the back of the door, and a string of white lights running up both sides and across the top.

i love this version much better.  and if it gets too messy looking, i'll add a ruffled sheet behind the chicken wire.  the wood cost about $75, and the chicken wire was $5 and my screen door was $35.  and, i might add 4" post posts on either side of the screen door,--gotta find them first.

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

where i create 2014...

 my craftroom has come full circle. 

it was in this room several years ago, and now, that all of the remodeling

 is done, it's back in this room.  we just moved in last week and i have more to do with it.

this corner has my sewing/embroidery machine.  the cubbies above the table hold threads, needles, ect.

below the shelf is another cubbie cabinet, which i covered with white ruffles.

and  my armoire was moved back in--so much storage.

my husband built the sewing table and wall cubbie.

there is a 5' closet full of cubes that hold a multitude of craft supplies.

this is my work table, also, built by my husband--i do everything,on this great table.

 two ikea lamps and the huge window make sure there is plenty of bright light.

the easel holds my clock, when i don't need it for painting.

on this side of the room, i plan on adding shelving or cabinets.  but, today, it's a holding place for my latest 

junk finds projects.  the drop front desk, the folding screen and the door all need more work done on them.

i really enjoy looking through everyone's creative spaces, if you'd like to take a peek--it all happens today

thanks for the fun party, karen!

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the new kitchen, so far...

 (we had to stop working on the house altogether, back in december.  long story short, the whooping cough was just the start of something ugly for me-ugh.)

anyway,  i thought i’d show how the kitchen looks… so far.

here's the ugly before picture.

this room used to be a
a breakfast area with a pantry on the left and the door on the right went to the garage.

you can see below, the left wall with a pantry was removed, opening the kitchen up to the dining room.

on the right wall, we moved the garage door location down 4' and put the refrigerator in it's old place.

the new garage door (to the right of fridge) still needs painted and trimmed.  just to the right of that door will be a  walk in pantry.

my husband built a cabinet around the fridge.

the big window replaced the smaller window.  we trimmed out all of the new windows and doors with larger moldings, which i love.

it's a fully functioning kitchen, but, we still need a final coat of paint on everything.  

there is a hood that needs to be installed over the cook top and subway tile backsplash added. 

the flooring needs replaced, and the pantry built.  and then, decorations.

 there’s a bead board ceiling and crown moldings.  we used the ikea farm sink, and  faucet, and menards wood counter tops and added a new disposal.

we reused the old cabinets, (which have been sprayed with white primer),
old hardware, and our 3 yr. old appliances.

that gives you an idea of how the kitchen looks today.

here's what the old kitchen looked like.  it was located next to the old breakfast room, and will be the walk in closet soon.

and if you are local, you might want to find time this weekend to go to the french market at horton's of tipton.  it's sure to be fabulous!

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