Friday, December 12, 2014

pillow slips...

i know, this is my 3rd post this week, but, i wanted to show how i did the pillows in my xmas tour post.  

i used white muslin on this pillow.
(i cut my two back fabric pieces on the selvage.  that way, i don't need to hem the back pieces and use less fabric.)

i bought my 14" pillow forms at jo anns (50% off--$6 each).

now, it's time to print out your design onto the iron on transfer paper with your computer.  i used this brand.

the font i used is ld remington portable.  remember to reverse any lettering-i did that in photo shop.  cut out the design as close as possible.

i ironed the design on using the highest setting of my iron for 13-15 seconds.  then, you need to peel the paper backing off  of the pillow while it's still hot or it won't come off smoothly.  

the time varies with the fabric you might use.  do a test piece first.

you can iron on wood, plastic, paper, metal, etc. with this paper.  i hope this all makes sense--tutorials aren't easy for me.  feel free to email me with ?'s!

(other projects where i used the iron on material.)

fabric trees that i sewed.

muslin bags

harper is wearing a name tag now:)

and i sewed a simple 25th to a kitchen towel.

and today is the last day of creating christmas, and it's featuring the fabulous carol from "art and sand" christmas tour!  all of the tour links are open until the 19th, so link up with whichever theme fits your christmas fun!

have a happy holiday season!


  1. Love your projects Lynn, The pillow slips and accents are wonderful. I love LR's transfer paper too. I find it to be the best!!
    Thanks for sharing the great posts this week.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Good Morning Lynn, I love visiting and seeing all the charming ways you incorporate white into your home . beautiful, beautiful, and beautiful . . . . you amaze me :)
    Connie xx

  3. If I ever take up a crafting life again I definitely want to try this! Thanks for the info. I love all the little details of your darling Christmas decor.

  4. Hello Lynn, three post are fine with answered a question that I never asked. What medium did you use for transferring the lettering to your pillows? So it's great to see your tutorial today. Mickie~~~

  5. Thanks for the idea of cutting on the selvage so you don't have to sew a seam there! Why didn't I think of that! LOL Nancy

  6. Love the pillows and I just have to try this.
    Hugs from here

  7. Love these, Lynn! Your simple touches are so pretty and festive.

  8. Lynn, I loved your pillows! They are simplistic beauty. I bought some paper months ago and have never tried using it yet. Maybe I'll make a winter pillow. I think you did a great job on the tutorial!

  9. I've done this on a baby onesie before, but I never thought to use it to embellish pillows. I love your Santa and co. idea!

  10. Love your pretty pillow slips Lynn. Have a great week end.

  11. Love your pillows! Your instructions are awesome! The notes on the actual pieces you are working on is so very helpful! I love the selvage idea as well! I think these are the best instructions I have seen on making a pillow slip! I know I can do this now, when previously I thought it would be a challenge with the two piece back! Thank you!! Love your blog!


  12. What a fun way to wake up on this great weekend and to find more ideas to beautify my home. I too have a mannequin; her name is Pierrette! Have a super weekend, Lynn! Anita

  13. love it!!!!!!! happy weekend, angie

  14. Love your pillow slips, Lynn! I also am loving the name tag you gave Harper. : )

  15. Lynn,

    Thank you for inspiring us with your wonderful blog.

    Your projects are very creative!

    Hugs and and Merry Christmas...


  16. Love all of your projects! I love using the TAP paper too, it does great transfers. Santa and Co. is so cute!


  17. un abbraccio a te!

  18. Lynn!!! I love your posts!!! Keep 'em coming! Thank you for your take on the pillows! I learned something new about selvages!! such a pretty, cozy, beautiful home! xoxo aimee

  19. I've used this paper too and really like the effect.
    All of your projects are great, I especially love the name on the cushion - santa and co. - I might have to steal that idea one day !

  20. TOO CUTE!!!! I love love love these sweet creations! And I really did laugh out loud when I saw that Harper has a name tag!! I love that!!

  21. love these pillows! wish i sewed; it's motivating me to learn sooner rather than later. it's a great font. MJ @

  22. I really need to try this sometime! I looks simple enough and the results are so pretty and fun! Thanks

  23. Beautiful pillows Lynn! Great tutorial!

  24. I want to try printing to fabric next year, so thank you so much for the inspiration, Lynn!

  25. Oh how pretty! I love all of your home decor photos. :)

  26. I love the pillow Lynn and all the lovely things you have done to your home for the holidays. I LOVE the banner you made for your mantle!!!
    Have a wonderful New Year!

  27. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

    I do a lot of painting on pillows, but I really want to try the iron on method.