Wednesday, August 26, 2015

simply shabbilicious...

i just had to pop in to share this beautiful new issue of simply shabbilicious with you today!  it's filled with gorgeous eye candy! --and it's all free!

*featured artisans in this issue*

Elyse – Tinkered Treasures
Kelly – My Soulful Home bHome App
Kerrie – ‘Seawashed’ Sea Cottage
Lynn – Shabby Story-me
Karin – Art is Beauty
Annetta – Inspired by Annetta
Kerryanne English is the fabulous editor of this publication and i hope you will visit her through any link below:)

Shabby Art Boutique by Woodberry Designs

and if you prefer turning pages, printed magazines can be purchased from magcloud and you get a free digital copy too!

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

purging and adding...

i was busy purging truck loads of stuff  from my house, trying to declutter.  but then, for my birthday, i treated myself to some new things--it's a vicious cycle:) 

last xmas, i started adding some contrast in the form of stained woods, this spring i added more.

i asked my husband to build a new table with chunkier legs and a stained top--love it!  

i needed a place for the new tv, so it sits on the mantel.  and, i moved the table into the greatroom--much more room for the 6' table.

my old table ended up in the dining room against the wall.  i added a hutch top to it.  the top came from treasure mart, an antique and junk store, where my sister has a booth.  3 floors of vintage goodness!

another love--see the corbels?  i made them using this tutorial.  they are big 9" x 12".  i think they need some sanding.  you will be seeing more of these all over the house!

the new $59 floor lamp has a wood grain finish, but, it's made of resin, i think.  (better homes and gardens)

i found a couple more crates to stack in the corner.

another project was this metal hanger that i attached it to a chippy white barn board.  the enamel pitcher came from the same shop.

when my son moved out into his first apartment, he took our old sofa with him.  we found a new one at kittles.  

you'd never know under the rachel ashwell slip,-the sofa looks like this.

the 4' vintage sign is my latest project.  i used lath boards and letters from michaels.  only cost about $27!

my husband made the new shelf in the entry from recycled pieces of our old kitchen bar.

the last of my new finds was this  $150 vintage cupboard--more storage! 

 i love the stained finish, but, not the stenciled flowers and ribbons.  

so, i sanded the door panels and re-stained them. i'm gonna leave it for now, but,  i will, someday, paint the whole thing white.

we're adding a sliding barn door to our pantry, and hopefully, i'll be able to show that next!  have a great weekend!

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Monday, March 2, 2015

some spring, some winter...

it's been too cold in the garage to finish the pantry, so, i'm taking some time to paint, go junking and cooking.  

i found an unfinished tote (40% off) at joanne's, and painted it white.  with spring coming, (i hope soon), i decided to paint bunnies on it.  the lavender and old ironstone finish the look.

my sister  and i went junking last week, and i found this charming little chair for $10.  i just might not paint this one.  it has a worn look that i just love.

it's full of carved details and a cane seat.  it's missing a backing, but, i don't care.

we had a ton of snow dumped on us yesterday...  so i thought i'd share a hot soup recipe.  (i'm learning to cook and it's helped me lose 27 pounds so far:)

my husband and i love olive gardens pasta e fagioli soup.  there are a ton of recipes on pinterest for this soup, but, the ones we've tried just weren't quite right.  then, we tried "copykats recipes" recipe and we loved it.  (pottery barn's ruffled napkins are on sale now)

recently, i bought some herbs-parsley-(i use it in my soup), rosemary and chives.  i am trying to train the rosemary into a topiary.  it doesn't look like much now, but, in a couple of months, i hope it will be full and round.  i followed this video for the how to's.

you basically strip off the bottom 2/3's of the center stalk and cut off all other shoots and wait for it to grow.  here's the rosemary before i gave it a haircut.

that pretty much catches me up-stay warm, everyone!

Friday, February 13, 2015

guest bath projects...

i hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow!
i reworked our guest bath recently and wanted to show the changes.  it was dark, dated and tiny when we moved in.  it's bright and cheerful today, thanks to the skylight my husband installed.

and he was able to move a wall and add some footage to the room.  the extra room enabled us to add a cabinet for storage and upgrade the 20" vanity to a 36" vanity.  

i fell in love with this hobby lobby mirror and my son bought it for me as my xmas present.  the sconces were found at  ohio's springfield flea market for only $5 for the pair. the rachel ashwell shades were found years ago at a resale shop.

of course, i painted the mirror and lights.  you can see what the mirror and sconces looked like before.

now, that we have room for a cabinet, my husband took my gothic frame,

and built it into a simple cabinet.  it holds lots of towels now.  i still need to add some fabric or chicken wire behind the door...haven't made up my mind which yet:)

have a great weekend!
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Thursday, January 22, 2015

a new wall, for a new purpose...

as most of you know, we've been working on a pretty big remodel of our kitchen.   there are 3 large projects making up the remodel.

phase one is done--we moved the kitchen to the breakfast room--tons of work, but, i love how it functions and looks.

today, i wanted to share our latest project-phase two.  (you got a sneak peak during my xmas tour of this new space). 

phase two--we removed the old kitchen bar half wall and added a full wall.  it gave great room a new spot for the fireplace and sitting area.  such a difference!

this new wall was needed to move on to the last project.

before                                                                                                     after

phase three--the last phase, (in process now), is a walk in pantry (7' x 5' 5") located behind the new wall, in the space where the old kitchen used to be.   now that the colts lost in the play offs, i think i can nudge my husband to finish the pantry:)
and every xmas, my son gets me a hobby lobby gift card.  i found two cute tables this year.  this is one of them.

chippy cuteness:)

love the tray top!

have a great day and thanks for looking!

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