Thursday, January 22, 2015

a new wall, for a new purpose...

as most of you know, we've been working on a pretty big remodel of our kitchen.   there are 3 large projects making up the remodel.

phase one is done--we moved the kitchen to the breakfast room--tons of work, but, i love how it functions and looks.

today, i wanted to share our latest project-phase two.  (you got a sneak peak during my xmas tour of this new space). 

phase two--we removed the old kitchen bar half wall and added a full wall.  it gave great room a new spot for the fireplace and sitting area.  such a difference!

this new wall was needed to move on to the last project.

before                                                                                                     after

phase three--the last phase, (in process now), is a walk in pantry (7' x 5' 5") located behind the new wall, in the space where the old kitchen used to be.   now that the colts lost in the play offs, i think i can nudge my husband to finish the pantry:)
and every xmas, my son gets me a hobby lobby gift card.  i found two cute tables this year.  this is one of them.

chippy cuteness:)

love the tray top!

have a great day and thanks for looking!

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