Monday, March 2, 2015

some spring, some winter...

it's been too cold in the garage to finish the pantry, so, i'm taking some time to paint, go junking and cooking.  

i found an unfinished tote (40% off) at joanne's, and painted it white.  with spring coming, (i hope soon), i decided to paint bunnies on it.  the lavender and old ironstone finish the look.

my sister  and i went junking last week, and i found this charming little chair for $10.  i just might not paint this one.  it has a worn look that i just love.

it's full of carved details and a cane seat.  it's missing a backing, but, i don't care.

we had a ton of snow dumped on us yesterday...  so i thought i'd share a hot soup recipe.  (i'm learning to cook and it's helped me lose 27 pounds so far:)

my husband and i love olive gardens pasta e fagioli soup.  there are a ton of recipes on pinterest for this soup, but, the ones we've tried just weren't quite right.  then, we tried "copykats recipes" recipe and we loved it.  (pottery barn's ruffled napkins are on sale now)

recently, i bought some herbs-parsley-(i use it in my soup), rosemary and chives.  i am trying to train the rosemary into a topiary.  it doesn't look like much now, but, in a couple of months, i hope it will be full and round.  i followed this video for the how to's.

you basically strip off the bottom 2/3's of the center stalk and cut off all other shoots and wait for it to grow.  here's the rosemary before i gave it a haircut.

that pretty much catches me up-stay warm, everyone!