Monday, March 2, 2015

some spring, some winter...

it's been too cold in the garage to finish the pantry, so, i'm taking some time to paint, go junking and cooking.  

i found an unfinished tote (40% off) at joanne's, and painted it white.  with spring coming, (i hope soon), i decided to paint bunnies on it.  the lavender and old ironstone finish the look.

my sister  and i went junking last week, and i found this charming little chair for $10.  i just might not paint this one.  it has a worn look that i just love.

it's full of carved details and a cane seat.  it's missing a backing, but, i don't care.

we had a ton of snow dumped on us yesterday...  so i thought i'd share a hot soup recipe.  (i'm learning to cook and it's helped me lose 27 pounds so far:)

my husband and i love olive gardens pasta e fagioli soup.  there are a ton of recipes on pinterest for this soup, but, the ones we've tried just weren't quite right.  then, we tried "copykats recipes" recipe and we loved it.  (pottery barn's ruffled napkins are on sale now)

recently, i bought some herbs-parsley-(i use it in my soup), rosemary and chives.  i am trying to train the rosemary into a topiary.  it doesn't look like much now, but, in a couple of months, i hope it will be full and round.  i followed this video for the how to's.

you basically strip off the bottom 2/3's of the center stalk and cut off all other shoots and wait for it to grow.  here's the rosemary before i gave it a haircut.

that pretty much catches me up-stay warm, everyone!


  1. The chair is very very pretty! I love the detailes on it!

  2. All so pretty, and congratulations on losing weight! I've lost another 5 lbs. due to shoveling. :)

    I tried growing lavender topiary from seed, and they looked great for a while, but then suddenly started dying. I hadn't changed anything in how I took care of them, but poof they were gone. Perhaps I'll try rosemary ~ I do love topiary!

    Happy March, Lynn!

  3. Great post, Lynn. I love that little tote- you did a really cute job with paint and images. The chair is sweet too-even without the backing.
    I have the recipe for Olive Garden's Zuppa Toscana and it is sooooo good. Hope you have a great Monday. xo Diana

  4. Hello Lynn, it sounds like you are making wonderful use of your winter snow-day hours. Love your bunnies and that chair is perfect just the way it is. Enjoy it that way, then in a few years change it up a bit and have a new look. Your blog is always so refreshing and lovely.
    Have a great week and stay warm . . .Spring really is coming I promise:)
    Connie :)

  5. I adore the chair you found, Lynn! It's even more charming without the cane in the back.
    Mary Alice

  6. I love everything you do! I wish I could paint bunnies...that is precious.
    The chair is perfect as it is, I agree.
    Rosemary topiaries are so finicky...may yours grow strong and beautiful!
    I have three urns of rosemary out back- I run my hands thru them when I take the dogs out and then rub the delicious smell on them.
    I'm not sure they appreciate it, but they sure smell good. ;)

  7. Good Morning, yes, nice job on the bunnies . Re the rosemary topiary, please put it in the sun when possible and out of doors in summer. Keep pinching back as you need to allow the stem to thicken. You have made an excellent start.
    Tina said she rubs the fragrance on her dogs. This is helpful as a flea repellant.
    Regards Janine

  8. Hi Lynn, Your bunny tote is very are a talented artist! My favorite is that chair!! I think it's beautiful just the way it is.....the detail says it all. Congrats on your 27 lbs~~~that's awesome! I too, LOVE herbs, especially lavender and rosemary, they are my favorites. I love them in a container in a kitchen or near....Your HERB box is perfect! Love, love, love your style~~~Stay warm...Spring is around the corner! We will soon be able to get our gardening groove on! lol~~~Blessings, Roxie

  9. Oh Lynn, your bunnies are amazing! I have one of those totes (well an old one I painted black and now going to paint white and distress it with bits of black coming through, at least I think, anyway. I sure wish I could paint, you are so good!

    Do you do custom work? How much if I send you my tote and you do that to mine? I mean I really really and truly love it to pieces!

    Good job on losing nearly 30 pounds, WOW! Hey, I know who found it, moi. Been a tough winter for sure.

    Thanks for the soup recipe. Sounds so good right now, yum.

  10. You did such a good job painting those bunnies, animals aren't easy. I think your rosemary topiary will turn out just fine but what I'm drooling over is that gorgeous chair, what beautiful detailing. I agree, I think this is an item that maybe shouldn't be painted white........and that's saying something, coming from me !

  11. I am so over this winter....bring on the spring and soon! Love your sweet bunnies! And your gorgeous chair too!
    Stay warm!

  12. Your bunnies are adorable! You have such a talent:)

  13. Your little bunnies are darling! And I love your new chair. I have really had to make myself stop buying chairs. Sometimes they come with so much character at a great price like yours. Seems like you can do so much with them. Love the look of your fresh herbs too! We got nine and a half inches of snow over two days and then the next it was all gone! I guess that's why we love snow here! The soup looks delicious. Have to try that...

  14. Hi Lynn,
    Ohhhh I love the bunny tote. You are so talented with your painting. Love this it is adorable. So happy for you that you are losing weight and learning to cook some great recipes. That soup sounds so yummy a favorite of mine when I go to Olive Garden so I might just try this one. That chair oh my I am swooning over that one. I agree I think it is too full of chippy love to paint. Yep this girl that loves to paint everything white is saying leave it alone lol!!!! I love it just the way it is. Gorgeous.

  15. Yippee on the weight loss!! I love fresh herbs! Your an artist....I love your bunnies


  16. Hi Lynn, Stay warm! That seems impossible this time of year! But spring always comes sooner or later, doesn't it! I love your little tote with the bunnies painted on it. Good for you losing all that weight. Afraid I am eating too many sweets and carbs to lose! Nancy

  17. Thanks for inspiring me with each and every post. Happy Monday!

  18. Oh wow Lynn Simply love this post. .First i love the bunny tote and second the beautiful chair . Your soup looks delicious . Love the snow outside and never i have experience snow. Stay warm and enjoy the snow on my behalf. ..Lol. Love and Hugs Sujatha:):)

  19. Super skrzyneczka z zajączkami Lynn. Krzesło jest piękne i starodawne, masz rację i nie maluj go na biało. Udanych potraw kulinarnych. Pozdrawiam Beata:)

  20. Your tote is so adorable with the cute bunnies and OH MY that chair is fabulous. What great luck you've had this week!

  21. Did you hear that noise? That was me....gasping in delight over those sweet bunny rabbits!! Oh, and my gasping over the chair, the sweet silent snow, and that delicious-looking soup. Love.

  22. Hi Lynn..
    There are so many wonderful things to look at in this post! The bunnies on your tote are so adorable and the chair.. and the herbs. The soup looks tasty.. and what great success! Good for you.. I'll Spring is so close! Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day. <3

  23. I do like the carvings on that chair. What a wonderful find. I would not paint it either, it is too pretty in its rustic beauty.

  24. Hi Lynn, the tote is so cute and I love the bunnies you painted on it! I do love that chair as is. The carvings are wonderful! I've pinned a recipe for this soup. Wonder if it's this one. Good for you for losing 27 lbs. I'd like to lose some! I usually shed a few once I get out into the garden. Hopefully soon. Your Lavender will grow nicely. I have some in an old funeral basket in my kitchen window and love using it in my cooking as well.

  25. Beautiful chair. Love it, Lynn. I also love the cute bunnies you paint on the tote.
    Hugs from here

  26. Lynn, I LOVE that chair! I am with you...don't think I would do anything to it! SOUP? Awe I love soup. I could soup and salad all year round! Congratulations on the weight loss too! For me...1 lb would be a huge accomplishment! LOL! enjoy your posts so much. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  27. Hi Lynn, Love your chair!! What a great find and your bunnies on the tote is so adorable. Your work is gorgeous and I wish you lived close by to get together and paint.
    Congrats on the weight loss. That is a great accomplishment!!
    Thank you for stopping by while I was away.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    Hugs, CM

  28. Your painted bunnies are absolutely adorable, Lynn! And the chair is lovely just as it is, especially with the pretty pink flowers sitting on the seat! Congrats on learning to cook and the weight loss, too! It's especially hard over the long cold winter when we're stuck indoors. Keep warm and thanks for the recipe!

  29. Hi Lynn,

    Your tote was perfect with lavender! The painted bunnies are so beautiful. You really have talent! I will love to see your spring decor. In Brazil autumn is coming. We still have very hot days ... I'd like a little bit of snow!

    Have a good weekend!


  30. My favorites are the HERB box and that awesome chair.

  31. The chair is gorgeous...but really every photo inspired me. Thank you bunches for linking ~ xo

  32. Lynn, I just love your painted tote - thank you for sharing it with us at Shabbilicious Friday! I've chosen it as one of the featured posts week! Hope to see you tomorrow at the party!

    Stacy @ Anastasia Vintage

  33. What great things! Love your taste!
    I would love for you to stop by my blog and join our Something to Talk About Link party Monday's- Thursday!
    Have a great weekend

  34. The tote looks wonderful, are these bunnies hand drown? They are super cute.
    Carpet cleaning Kensington

  35. Love the chair and tote! You are such a talented artist! Have a Happy Easter!

  36. I love that time between winder and spring.
    love the little Herb box too. do you know what font that is?
    (I'm guessin' you painted that.)

    be blessed